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Right after the succesful conference in September 2018, the working group Public Private Institute (PPI) kicked off. Working group members are representatives from private sector, ministry of education and vocational training institutes. Over the last three months, the working group did an amazing job and all as volunteers! Weekly meetings to get a Public Private Institute established: a lot of brainstorming, thinking, paying visits to stakeholders, discussions about the right legal documents, visiting farmers to get a piece of land for the practical part of agricultural courses, etc, etc. The working group is now ready to publish a number of articles to get a broad audience informed about Juba TVET, a public private vocational training institute. Read more about it in the articles.


sneak preview
A sneak preview is an opportunity to see (a part of) something new before the rest of the public see it.
You got the opportunity to join a sneak preview organized by the Academy for Professional Development.
Get informed about new subjects and start learning.
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Dates & Subjects:
4 th of December: Basics in Guidance and Counseling
5 th of December: Basics in Conflict Management
6 th of December: Basics in Trauma

Time & Place:
All sneak previews are from 8.30 – 12. 30
Conference hall at Amarat Classic hotel, Juba
Coffee and snack will be there (no lunch).

Contact details: 09 21702095 or 09 26610888
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The presentations of the succesfull conference are now available to download from this website. Visit the article of the first day or the second day to see them.

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Juba, September 26th 2018

After the first and very successful day of the conference we were not expecting that things could go better. How wrong we were proved!
The theme for the second day was “TVET; driver of business and economy”. TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The presentations of the second day are available here.

George Ali lq

Keynote speaker of the day was Mr. George Ali, Director for Development Partners at the Ministry of General Education. Subject was “The influence of vocational education on the economy of the country.” And that was what he did. With numbers, examples and proof from all over the world he showed that the richest and most developed countries have more than 30% of the employees with a TVET background. These people are said to form the backbone of the society, and that is not so hard to imagine. What will happen when there are no technicians, no nurses, no secretary, no farmers, no bakers, no truck drivers etc. etc. Things will fall apart and the country will collapse. Mr. George Ali took us on a virtual tour on what the ministry of general education is doing. He informed us about all the work that has been done to introduce a complete TVET program, soon to be launched.

Like the first day the keynote speaker cleared the way for the other speakers of the day.
They toke up the challenges that we gave them, serious matters like “How to finance education?”

“Private Sector Development through Education”

25 and 26 September 2018

The first day of the conference we will focus on private sector development. Subjects are like how businesses can organize themselves, taxes and licenses, how businesses see the role of UN and NGO’s and how to get Technical and Vocational Education and Training set up and running in this year of 2018.

The second day we go further with “through education”. Subjects are the What Why and How of education in South Sudan, the roles of the stakeholders, the Golden Triangle, how to finance education, how to value education, cooperation between businesses and educational providers.

Businesses joining the forces to get education on the move

toscanaWe are aiming to get practical results and to have an active and involved conference. Besides a key-note speaker and discussions we have four different workshops for each day. Each day you can attend two of the four workshops. A detailed program with workshops is here.
Furthermore networking will be actively supported, get to know each other!
If you want your company or organization promoted, request for a boot or a place for your message / poster / banner etc.

Initiated by a group of private business owners.
Organisation by Academy for Professional Development and ZOOM Media

Venue: Toscana hotel, Juba
from 8:30h up to 17:30h
networking up to 19:00h

Download this file (xFlyer_program_conference.pdf)Flyer with program[ ]78 kB

Mr Simon DengJuba, September 25th 2018
The Academy for Professional Development has been able to find some heavy weight and committed facilitators for the first day of the conference. And that paid off! After formalities and official opening by the Director of the Board Mr. Peter Mahal it was time for the key note speaker of the day, Mr Simon Deng, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of South Sudan. And off he went! As a businessman himself and as being involved in many aspects the private sector faces, Mr. Simon Deng knows as no other what challenges the private sector faces. He painted a picture that the participants clearly recognized and he perfectly put the balls ready for the other facilitators to address the main topics of the day.
Dr Ahmed TakoyMr. Ahmed Takoy (CEO Kush Bank South Sudan) was the first and went deeper into the topic “associations”. The Kush Bank is an active member of the bankers association and Mr. Akoy explained us about the how’s and why’s of forming an Association.
Second was Mr. Light Wilson Aganwa, consultant at Capacity Development Center. Mr. Light talked

The Academy welcomes driver Charles Jada Henry.

CharlesRead more about Charles Jada Henry in About us/Staff Members