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Quality Assurance can be seen as an exercise on paper and will never leave the drawer of policy makers. Nothing could be further from the true. Quality Assurane has absolutely to do with the education itself. In fact, it will be visible in the classroom.

Ouality Assurance is a very broad topic which include policies and systems. Teachers play key roles in quality education. We train you in how you (as a teacher) can make quality assurance visible in the classroom: how to deal with it and how to implement it. 

Overall objective: To learn the basic principles of quality assurance in education and how to take care of quality assurance in your classroom.

Target group: principals, teachers, policy makers, civil servants from Ministry of Education

Duration: 5 days*

Venue: Juba

Course fee: 400 US dollar.  Fee cover: tuition, training materials, lunch & refreshment, certificate

Date: upon request

* the course can be extended with additional days for application at institutional level. Extra costs to be negotiated.